Cheaters prefer latinas

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Cheaters prefer latinas

Cheaters prefer latinas according to stats by the biggest web sites specialized in extra marital enconters. They have their stats, but I think we already knew that.

It has been proven by the numbres that both american men and europeans have a preference for latinas. Specially when the time comes to look for an adultery adventure. This men crave for this chicks and they do what it takes, according to this sites.

Cheaters prefer latinas

The facts

The facts say that 85% of Europeans choose Latina women to go on a clandestine date or to start a formal relationship. This was revealed by a study carried out by the “second” site related to adultery.

Fiery, hot, sexy and ardent were the adjectives used for Europeans to describe the women of Latin America.

In fact, there are many cases in the sports and entertainment world that account for this predilection of Europeans. For example, the marriage of Máxima and the King of the Netherlands, the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira, also Andrea Casiraghi with the Colombian Tatiana Santo Domingo, French billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault married to Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

According to a survey, in Europe one in two men and one in three women confessed to having committed an infidelity. The French, the Dutch and the Spanish are the most unfaithful, and most Europeans believe that they can love her partner despite having cheated on her.

New cheating tools

Nowadays, Internet platforms offer the possibility of contacting committed people who are looking for a love affair with someone who is in the same condition. Whether it’s on your desktop computer or in your private personal phone, the access to the resources is there, at the tip of our fingers.

One of this web sites, founded in 2002 in Canada, claims to have 13 million wrongful members in 17 countries. Only Latin America – a region where the company has expanded too – has 1.3 million marital offenders.

According to a survey conducted among US users, 71% of adulterous men prefer to have an affair with a Hispanic woman, against 15% who would choose to sin with a white, 9% with an Asian and 5% with a black, says the company with Headquartered in Canada.

Traditionally, men would have affairs with all kinds of ladies that we liked, but now that we have the ease of choosing, latinas are gonna be our first choice.

In other categories, the results show similar conclusions: 57% prefer brown skin, 34% dark hair and 29% a voluptuous body. And by voluptuous they men the big yes aesthetical asses and boobs that curvy latinas have.

The woman Americans are looking for the most is the Latina, because in each item, people answer characteristics that are more Latin: What type of body? Voluptuous. What ethnicity? Hispanic. What color of hair? Brown.

Hot latinas in the media

The US preferences for latinas has even translated to TV and movies. Actresses like Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes are good examples of our fascination for latina girls. In fact this women are voted like most desired women to be married with by a famous survey conducted each year in the US. This also proves that it’s more than a fantasy, americans really like the latina girls.

Even Hollywood icons have fallen for their enchantments, remember Mildred? she was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former Guatemalan cleaner and his then-wife Maria Shriver.

Why cheaters prefer latinas

This preference by the american men is the result of a well-known human interest in the exotic. But at the same time, Latinas are American, They live with many Latinas” and see them as “something exotic, but known. It is something they can get.”

Meanwhile, American women are not so demanding: they settle for a lover “clean and who treats them well,”

Most unfaithful countries

Now let’s talk about unfaitfulness by countries, we all love latinas, and by far. But, are the men of the world doing their cheater duties to get them? or they just have the fantasies on their minds. Let Latina porn cams discuss the cheating habits of the world.

The most unfaithful country in the world is Thailand. Up to 56% of Thais would have been unfaithful at some time in their life., that’s over half the married people, in fact lets add more if we consider that people is not always proud of ther cheating activities.

Next on the list is Denmark, who happens to be It is the happiest country in the world and the second most unfaithful on the planet! Is there a relationship between the two? 47% of Danes have had an affair.

Numbre three are the Italians, the romantic and carefree Italians boast of their food, their wines and their landscapes. Also to be good lovers. They are located in third place in the ranking of infidels.

Following closely are the Germans, they are famous for everything, and it is always good, but few think that they occupy the opposite room in infidelity. The Germans are used to have a strong economy and be very structured and organized, maybe thats wht makes them need an scape from this rigid forms and find leasure time in sexual activities. And also this mut be why they like latinas, the exact opposite of their rigid life habitudes.

Other countries

Let’s talk about some other european countries listed in this eye openner list.

It is not the only Nordic country in the top ten. Could it be that the cold makes the inhabitants more prone to infidelity? In this case, 41% of Norwegians have cheated on their partner. And let’s add that nordic countries in general have a reputation for being open about sex and enjoyment of their bodies. So, let’s go visit this area of the world to enjoy their natural beauties.

According to New Europe magazine, the Belgian page “Gleeden”, of extra-marital encounters, already has 1.1 million subscribers. So being unfaithful is not taboo in this country. Another reasons to love Belgium

They rank high un the list as well and seems that 39% of Spaniards have extramarital affairs. Spanish seem to have an advantage by already speaking the latinas language, but dont worry, latinas love accents of other countries, and there are no languaga barriers when it’s time to speak the language of love, am i right?

United Kingdom
The mother country for all english speaking countries, famous for its royals, ancient traditions, history and their great rock music. It has a 36% unfaithful population. London is the ninth city in the world where more adventures take place.

In the Nordic country, infidelities are considered “parallel relationships.” 36% of Finns reported having an affair. In fact, a survey on a love finding web page found that one in five men had sex with at least 10 women, seven times more than women.

Next is France, despite the fact that Paris is the city of love, it does not seem that infidelity is frowned upon, since only 28 percent of its citizens regret having committed infidelity. Again, that’s what they said.

What about the USA

Now let’s talk about America, we all know americans like to do what they want and numbers say 21% of married men in america have admitted to cheat on their partners. A little less than french men, but again, that is what they have admitted. I think the number should be way higher than that. The most important fact fot us, is that cheaters prefer latinas

Whatever continent we analize, there are men willing to cheat and it’s the latinas that they like the most. We offer an alternative here in latina porn cams. You can have this latina chicks without the trouble of taking them to dinner and spend on transport, food and hotels. Just relax, pick your latina type and have them do whatever show you like them to perform, better use that money to tip them well and have a better cam session.

See you nex time friends.

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